Uglee Truth 539: Baby Ug, PSLs and Stray Cats

It’s a very special episode as the Ugs are joined by Jamie’s daughter/Stephanie’s niece/Baby Ug… MacKenzie who, after dropping some young adult wisdom, leaves the show early to go get a Pumpkin Spiced Latté. All that plus the Tale of Ramone the stray cat and – of course – their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week. Thanks for listening!

Uglee Truth 533: Hormones, Mammograms and a Neck Punch

Stephanie is back and she and Jamie discuss perfumes, hormones, boob exams and more. Including the latest on Britney and the Gwen and Blake nuptials. Plus, they both had “moments” this week that were far more Uglee than they were Awkward.

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Uglee Truth 531: Stripper Life, Bridgerton and Betty Broderick

Jamie has been following strippers on Tik Tok and Stephanie had the brilliant idea of the Ugs assigning each other a TV show to binge that neither had seen before. This time around it's Bridgerton and Betty Broderick. Don't forget... you can support the show with your follows, subs and reviews - we really appreciate it HUgs!

Uglee Truth 530: Mask Free, Chardonnay Whore and Free Britney

We chat about how it's suddenly awkward to be in public without a mask. Plus, Jamie discusses her wine-snob weekend with Producer Dub and their friends and - of course - we must give you the Uglee Truth take on Free Britney. Thanks for supporting the show - don't forget to tell your friends and - especially - sisters about us!