Uglee Truth 503: Cabbage Patches, Furry Cheeks and Which Ug?

The Uglee Truth is taking next week off for the holiday so we wanted to go big for this episode and that means calling in reinforcements. Fellow Ug, Stephanie, joins the show and that is always a recipe for hilarious chaos. We recall some of our mom's hobby hand-me-downs and play the "Which Ug?" rapid fire question game. Enjoy the show HUgs... we're so thankful for you!

Uglee Truth 501: Blue Jeans, Glory Holes and Dwarf Dash

It's show #501 so we can't not talk about blue jeans. Plus, Jamie does a sympathy cleanse for Producer Dub and Paula is pretty sure she got stalked by a serial killer. And you better stick around after the Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week if you want to laugh so hard you'll pee yourself. Thanks for listening!

Uglee Truth Greatest Hits: Episode #100

As the Ugs get ready for a momentus 500th episode (dropping next Sunday), they wanted to share one of their greatest hits! Episode #100 originally aired in February 2015 and is the only time ALL FOUR Uglee sisters were on a show together. Listen and laugh with all of the #SistersWhoPodcast! We hope you enjoy the show.

Uglee Truth 498: Would You Rather, Teen Hygiene and Van Halen

It's been about 40 episodes since the Ugs last played "Would You Rather?" and this time around it's a women-only edition. Plus, Paula's goes old-school to teach her daughter about proper hygiene and Jamie recalls her rocker days in honor of the passing of Eddie Van Halen. All this plus some Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week await you. Thanks for listening H-Ugs!

Uglee Truth 497: Milk Cartons, Bad Genes and Getting Fixed

On the show, Jamie tells us about the time the FBI came to their childhood home... a story Paula had never heard. Speaking of things Paula's never heard of... we've got some '70s celeb deaths to discuss. Plus, there are animals to fix and Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week to share. Thanks for listening!

Uglee Truth 495: True Crime, Expired Lube and Gang Signs

The Ugs are back! After a little time off to change back to one show a week, Jamie and Paula pick up right where they left off. On this episode we discuss our obsession with true crime and there's some new sex trends to share. Plus - of course - our Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week. Thanks for hanging in there H-Ugs!