Uglee Truth BONUS: Pre Show Banter 2021

A little BONUS content before we drop our first new episode of 2022. Here's the deal... we hit record long before we start the show each week and - lately - we've been sharing some of that PRE-SHOW BANTER on the Uglee Truth social media accounts. But not all of you follow us on social (even though you should!) so Producer Dub decided to compile some of our best ones from last year and share the unfiltered magic! Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Uglee Truth 554: Outlaw Country, And Just Like That and the Spaghetti Story

It's our last new episode of the year so we just let it flow. After Jamie recaps her and Producer Dub's latest wine country adventure, we get DEEP into the first couple episodes of the Sex In The City sequel (warning... there are #spoilers and predictions). Plus, some listener-requested reality TV thoughts, how we love fur but shouldn't, a retelling of the infamous Spaghetti Story and some New Year's resolutions. Listen and laugh with us for the last time in 2021!

Uglee Truth 548: A Halloween Show

Just hours before they're set to give out full-size candy bars, the spouses who podcast sit down to talk slasher films and scare up a Halloween edition of the Good, the Bad and the Uglee along with some Halloween-themed HUglee and Awkward Moments. Thanks for listening and Happy Halloween!