Uglee Truth 571: Stand Ups, Plaster Penises and Fart Stories

As you likely guessed from the title, Producer Dub is sitting in. He and Jamie saw a couple comedy shows recently and they have thoughts on hecklers. Plus, Jamie shares the story of Cynthia "Plaster Caster" and also has some serious questions to ask her husband/producer. Hope you enjoy another #SpousesWhoPodcast episode! (Don't worry, Stephanie will be back for #572)

Uglee Truth 570: Musk, Moms and Mouth Oil

Happy Mothers' Day from the Ugs. We've got a great episode for you where we share our thoughts on Twitter, motherhood and our aversion to spit, drool and other "mouth oils". Plus we've got mom-themed Huglee and Awkward Moments too. Thanks for listening.

Uglee Truth 568: Baby Hawks, Beer Pong and Bridgerton

We're back from a brief break so that we could get some family time in... including Jamie and Producer Dub (who sits in for this episode) going full grandparent mode! Except for the part where we kicked our adult childrens' asses in beer pong. Plus, we finally finished season 2 of Bridgerton and we have thoughts. Thanks for listening!

Uglee Truth 566: Tender Love, The Slap and Shower Crying

What song was playing during your "first time"? The Ugs remember. And, as you'd expect, Jamie and Stephanie have their own takes on the Oscar slap and other celeb news. Plus, Jamie cries in the shower and - if we gave you a million tries - you'd still never guess why. So you should just listen. Thanks HUgs, enjoy the show.

Uglee Truth 564: Funeral Small Talk, Life Stats and Oscars

Jamie's son Tyler sits in for this episode and (unbeknownst to him because mom had already hit the record button) shares his first experience at giving a eulogy. They also chat about life stats they wish they knew and their issues with the Academy Awards. Thanks for dropping in and downloading the Uglee Truth!

Uglee Truth 563: Time Change, Free WIlly and the Brat Pack

Dub sits in while Jamie rants about her issues with "spring forward" and asks her producer/husband what creature would be guilty should he ever suffer death by an animal. And we're totally dropping some Gen X cultural knowledge on ya' too. Thanks for listening and supporting the show with your likes and reviews!