Uglee Truth 561: Karens, Male Glances and Smelly Socks

Apologies in advance for the less than stellar audio quality this episode, we've fixed it and docked Producer Dub a week's pay! But listen anyway because the hilarity is in full display with Jamie's new dentist and Stephanie's first "karen. Plus we've got good and bad celeb news and so much more. Thanks for listening HUgs.

Uglee Extra: Cameos, Concerts and Clubs

The Ugs are taking advantage of the long weekend too but we didn't want to leave our HUgs completely hangin' so here's a throwback! This was a mini-episode we dropped back in December 2020 where recall some of our best concert and nightclub adventures. Enjoy and we'll see you next week with a new show!

Uglee Truth 559: Anniversary Ideas, Dunkaroos and Mr. Stumpy

After discussing some anniversary trip ideas for her and Producer Dub,  Jamie tells Stephanie how a Tik Tok about Dunkaroos triggered some of her childhood anxieties. Plus we've got our celeb takes on Joe Rogan, Whoopi, Britney and more. And our nurse-themed Huglee and Awkward Moments of the Week turn into an inappropriate conversation about the limbless. Sorry, not sorry.

Uglee Truth 556: Covid Sex, Masturbation Socks and Word Trash

Sorry we're late with this week's episode. There's lots going on in the Uglee households right now. Not only are we late in posting but you have to put up with a #SpousesWhoPodcast edition of the show. But we promise it'll be a fun listen regardless of Producer Dub. He and Jamie are talking sex, socks, sucky NFL refs and more - all from our brand new studio! Thanks for listening.

Uglee Truth BONUS: Pre Show Banter 2021

A little BONUS content before we drop our first new episode of 2022. Here's the deal... we hit record long before we start the show each week and - lately - we've been sharing some of that PRE-SHOW BANTER on the Uglee Truth social media accounts. But not all of you follow us on social (even though you should!) so Producer Dub decided to compile some of our best ones from last year and share the unfiltered magic! Enjoy and Happy New Year!