Uglee Truth 436: Shrooms, Showers and Sex Ed

It's Super Bowl Sunday H-Ugs. So we don't blame you for waiting until later to listen to this episode. But it's a good one! We discuss a baby Ug's future in comedy, psychedelic mushrooms, baby showers gone wrong and belly buttons. Thanks, as always, for listening to the #SistersWhoPodcast!

Uglee Truth 435: Kobe, Grammy, Dick

The Ugs start this episode with a somber reaction to the helicopter crash that took the lives of Kobe Bryant, his daughter GiGi and 7 others. But, in an effort to lighten the mood, we proceed to bitch about the Grammy Awards and close the show with a "bang" by talking about dick pics and swallowing. So there's that. Thanks for listening and supporting our podcast!

The Little Carnival 10: My Feet Are Killing Me

Time again for the #SistersWhoPodcast to dish on the reality shows they love to hate on TLC. Paula brings a new show to the floor this time with her thoughts on "My Feet (Leg Hands) Are Killing Me". Plus, the Ugs catch us up on the season 13 premiere of Sister Wives.

Uglee Truth 431: Last Eggs, Vagina Candles and Fight Picks

Only the Ugs could pull off a podcast episode that covers genital scents and combat sports in the same show! Listen and laugh with the #SistersWhoPodcast as we discuss Jamie's decent into hot flashes, Paula's ball-smelling preferences and - of course - our picks for this weekend's big UFC fight between Conor and Cowboy!