Uglee Truth 403: Donuts, LIttle People and the Gun Range

Welcome to another episode from the #SistersWhoPodcast. On this show we reveal our love of fried cakes and Eddie Money. Plus, we discuss the politically correct terms for little people and Paula went to a gun range and screamed. We also share, easily, the grossest Uglee and Awkward Moment in show history. Thanks for supporting the Uglee Truth by shopping with our Amazon link or at

Uglee Truth 402: Kale Salad, Brady Bunch and The Sex Talk

On this episode, Jamie's home alone and eating healthy before she tries to convince Paula to watch A Very Brady Renovation. Plus, a special Uglee parenting segment including a tesion-filled conversation about having the "talk" with your kids. All this and some sporty Awkward Moments to share. Thanks for listening - enjoy the show!

Uglee Truth 401: Football Season, Saggy Moms and Fall Fashion

On this episode from the #SistersWhoPodcast, Jamie is ready for football season but has some sad news about her fantasy league. Meanwhile, Paula finds out her middle-school son doesn't think she's a cool (or hot) mom and the Ugs share some of the upcoming fall fashion trends - most of which we will not be participating in. Plus, our Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week. Thanks for listening H-Ugs!

Uglee Truth 400: Work Trip, Open House and Labor Day

WE DID IT! Thanks so much H-Ugs for getting us to episode #400. The #SistersWhoPodcast appreciate you all so much! On this show we're talking about Jamie and Producer Dub's visit to the "whale's vagina". Plus, more back to school updates and a special labor (and delivery) day edition of our H-Uglee and Awkward Moments. Thanks for listening. #Uglee400

Uglee Truth 395: Insomnia, Auntie Jamie and STD Stories

On this episode of the Uglee Truth, Jamie's got insomnia but it has nothing to do with the fact that she watched her niece and nephew all weekend. Plus, there's been a scientific breakthrough in the STD department the Ugs want to talk about. All this and some H-Uglee and Awkward Moments to share as well. thanks for listening. Shop to support the show and look pretty too!

Uglee Truth 394: Sloppy Tits, Bachelor In Paradise and Vick’s Vagina

The Ugs are deep in the dogs days of Summer and have so much to share - in fact they are OVER-sharing on so many topics. Plus, Jamie's got a new reality TV obsession and Paula finds another vagina trend she doesn't understand. This and so much more hilarious Uglee Truths await you on this episode. Thanks for listening H-Ugs! Share the show with your friends and enemies.