Uglee Truth 395: Insomnia, Auntie Jamie and STD Stories

On this episode of the Uglee Truth, Jamie's got insomnia but it has nothing to do with the fact that she watched her niece and nephew all weekend. Plus, there's been a scientific breakthrough in the STD department the Ugs want to talk about. All this and some H-Uglee and Awkward Moments to share as well. thanks for listening. Shop to support the show and look pretty too!

Uglee Truth 317: Printer Problems, DMV Dog and Meat in My Lap

On this episode, the Ugs are technology-impaired and make no apologies for it. Plus, Jamie's youngest daughter had her driving test which allowed for some quality people - and pet - watching at the DMV. Of course, we've got some Uglee and Awkward Moments to share as well. Thanks for listening to the Sisters Who Podcast.

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