Uglee Truth 97: Uglee Sins, Yay Sports and Vegas Songs

What relationship rules do you have? Well the Ugs have a number of number of known sins their men can commit and Producer Dub pulled one this week that drove Jamie to "tears". Also in this episode, Paula gets serviced poorly and Jamie is Vegas bound. Plus the Ugs do their best ESPN routine with some sports commentary as only they can do it and, of course, their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week. Enjoy and share!

Uglee Truth 96: Dub’s Hangover, Same Sex Attraction and Stray Cats

The Uglee Truth sisters are back with an all new episode where Jamie admits she has a dark side and shares the details of Producer Dub's long day of wine "tasting". Meanwhile Paula is knee deep in her trashy TV including her latest guilty pleasure, My Husband is Not Gay. Plus the Ugs, once again, have great Uglee and Awkward Moments to tell you about involving inappropriate pajamas and Cards Against Humanity. We hope you enjoy the show and share it with your friends and enemies!

Uglee Truth 95: Baby Fever, Armpit Hair and Tech Anxiety

Strap yourselves in for this all new episode of the Uglee Truth because the Ugs will have you laughing from start to finish. From cures for baby fever and questions about man-scaping to UFC ass kickings and cell phone fears... Episode 95 is jammed packed with Uglee fun. Plus, a couple of epic Uglee and Awkward Moments to wrap it all up. Thanks for downloading and sharing. Enjoy the show!

Uglee Truth 94: New Year’s Eve, New Celeb Changes & New Trash TV

Paula is back as she and Jamie celebrate the beginning of 2015 with an all new episode filled with new things like what the Uglees did to ring in the new year and new discoveries such as a secret Paula learned about her son. Plus, there were plenty of new celebrity relationship status changes over the holidays to dicuss and the Ugs are really looking forward to a new slate of trash TV to enjoy. Thanks for starting your new year with The Uglee Truth.