Uglee Truth 69: Morbid TV Shows, DIY Arguments and We Hate 69

It's an all new episode of The Uglee Truth as your favorite sisters dig a little into their dark sides as Jamie binge watches a show about dying and Paula considers a career in tumor removal. Also, the Ugs' ponder the differences between themselves and their men for everything from home improvement projects to awkward sexual positions. Oh and there's 3 funny clips that didn't make the final edit so check out the "Uglee Cuts" for this episode available only on our new Uglee Truth app!

Uglee Truth 67: Miss USA, Annual Physicals and Father Dub

It's our Father's Day episode so we decided to reward Producer Dub by having him join us for the show. And, since we're celebrating fathers, we decided to talk about things like the Miss USA pageant, Jamie's "female physical" and other DAD stuff! But, seriously, Jamie and Paula do decide to let Dub share his thoughts on being a father of Baby Ugs... for a few seconds at least. Enjoy the show and share it with your Dad. Happy Father's Day H-Ugs.

Uglee Truth 65: Olds Balls, Racist Dogs and Siamese Ugs

This is what happens after those rare times when the Ugs take a week off... they return a little more judgemental than usual. And this time, the Queen Ug gets into the act during Graduation ceremonies. Plus, Paula's dog may be racist and Jamie wonders what would happen if she and Paula were conjoined twins. Share the first Uglee Truth of June with your friends! PS - Happy Birthday Producer Dub.