Uglee Truth 60: Blind Dates, Virginity & Word Fights

The Ugs are back with a momentous episode #60. This week Jamie eaves drops on a blind date - during her date with Producer Dub - and Paula is "supposebly" driven insane by how people mispronounce words. Oh, and of course, no week of religious new beginnings would be complete without the Uglee Truth about virginity. Listen. Laugh. Share.

Uglee Truth 59: Lena Dunham, Nail Nightmare & Homemade Laundry Soap

Give the Uglees a hot mess topic like Lena Dunham to work with and you can just kick back and enjoy the show. And that's just the beginning of an episode filled with awkward experiences like bodies not meant for bikinis, a shoeless manicurist and Paula's favorite ways to save a few bucks (and cause rashes). Download and share The Uglee Truth podcast #59 today and enjoy some funny females!

Uglee Truth 58: Drunk Types, Mommy Privacy & Late Night Options

Uglee drunk tales are always funny, especially when they're being used to determine what type of drunks Jamie and Paula are. Also in this week's episode are the battle for minutes of solitude for moms and talk of who will - or should - replace David Letterman. Oh, and the Ugs think of more drunk stories at the end too so keep listening!