Uglee Truth 52: Gross Outs, Awkward Moments & Olympic Gripes

With the skills of Olympic athletes, Paula and Jamie bring you another episode of The Uglee Truth where they compare themselves to the common traits of awkward people (spoiler alert - there's a match). Other "Truth" topics this week include crappy shopping carts, pretentious hiccups, hand jobs that won't end and, of course, prosthetic legs. Enjoy.

Uglee Truth 51: Valentine’s Day, Sex Senses and Chocolate Syrup

Jamie and Paula tell it like it is and have no filter - that is what The Uglee Truth is all about. BUT... you may want to make sure the kids are off to school or sleeping before you listen to this one because it's the Ugs' ANNUAL SEX EPISODE. After they warm up with a Valentine's Day reality check, things really heat up with a sex quiz, the senses of sex and, of course, chocolate syrup on your butt. We've said too much... just listen and enjoy! 

Uglee Truth 50: Worst Punishment, Medical Bills & Emergency Farts

Paula is back in action as The Ugs celebrate the Big 5-OH with another entertaining episode. Talk of the sisters' least favorite Super Bowl commercial leads to tales of parental punishment plus the doctor bills start to roll in from Jamie's surgery. Speaking of medical emergencies... the youngest Ug had to learn a valuable lesson about overdosing on apricots. Don't miss the hilarious, and momentous, 50th episode of The Uglee Truth.

Uglee Truth 49: “Dub”le Duty, Hobo Zombies & Grocery Sluts

Paula needed to take a week off to handle her biz, so Producer Dub is asked to fill her shoes - a daunting task for any non-Ug to be sure. But Jamie, who also happens to be his wife, "promised" to go easy on him. The couple recounts their recent run-ins with a transient, a frumpy house frow and, by special request, the infamous grocery glance story from Episode 1 is retold.