Uglee Truth 516: Superheroes, Coronaversary and Garbage Duty

Jamie shares her love for Batman and gives her take on the new version of the Justice League movie.  Plus, we're starting to see episodes of our trashy TV faves that were filmed at the beginning of the pandemic and Stephanie has some questions for her fellow Ug. All this and some hilarious Huglee and Awkward moments await you. Thanks for listening.

Uglee Truth Throwback: #153 (Mar 2016)

A throwback episode where the Ugs vent about time changes and share Irish facts seemed appropriate for this week. Here it is, from 5 years ago... enjoy and thanks for listening. New show drops Sunday. And don't forget to support the show and deal with your "stinky parts" at the same time with our new sponsor, Lume Deoderant

Uglee Truth 513: Novacaine, Polygamy and Foot Odor

The Ugs are back in action after a rough couple of weeks where they both had their father-in-law pass away. Paula gets the ball rolling with dental disasters, Jamie is facinated by polygamy and they both discuss the real "F" word. And, of course, Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week wrap up the show. Thanks for being patient HUgs... we're so glad to be back.

Uglee Truth Throwback: #150 (Feb 2016)

As a tease for the next NEW episode (dropping Sunday), we wanted to share a throwback show featuring Ug Sister #2, Stephanie. This one is from 5 years ago and is hilarious! So, whether this is a blast from the past or "new to you"... we hope you enjoy it!

Uglee Truth Throwback: #252 (Feb 2018)

With Valentine's Day and spring training on the horizon, we thought an episode hosted by Jamie and her husband (Producer Dub) where he screws up the pagan holiday of love and talks sports would make for a good throwback. Enjoy this show from 3 years ago!