Uglee Truth 495: True Crime, Expired Lube and Gang Signs

The Ugs are back! After a little time off to change back to one show a week, Jamie and Paula pick up right where they left off. On this episode we discuss our obsession with true crime and there's some new sex trends to share. Plus - of course - our Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week. Thanks for hanging in there H-Ugs!

Uglee Truth 491: After Shave, Hot Flashes and Cocktails

Producer Dub is hoarding, Jamie is having hot flashes and Paula loves it extra dirty. If that headline doesn't get you to listen... well then, we just don't know you. Thanks for checking out this episode and don't forget to share the Ugs with your friends, enemies and, especially, your sisters!

Uglee Truth 487: Scrambled Eggs, Movie Roles and Bike Treks

It's an Uglee Truth first as Jamie's son Tyler (also host of the Middle Class Film Class podcast) sits in for an official episode of show. We'll learn about what mom taught him, who would play him (and Jamie) in a movie about his life and his 21st birthday bike adventure. Plus, of course, we have some H-Uglee and Awkward stories to share.

Uglee Truth 486: Before Marriage, Indian Matchmaking and Tow Trucks

Fair warning... Producer Dub sits in for Paula on this episode so it won't be 100% Uglee. But we still want you to listen because Jamie's got a list of things to discuss before you tie the knot. Speaking of marriage, she also binged a new Netflix show on matchmaking and was fascinated. Plus, Producer Dub has a late night adventure at a gas station and we've got Uglee and Awkward Moments to share.