The Little Carnival 3: The Duggars

Ready for a little TLC? No, not that kind... we're talking about The Little Carnival. The new mini-podcast from the #SistersWhoPodcast. This time around, the Ugs from The Uglee Truth are dishing on the "OG" TLC family, the Duggars! Listen and laugh with us. #HappyNewYear

The Little Carnival 2: Sister Wives

Time for another episode of our new mini-podcast - The Little Carnival - where we celebrate (and trash) the reality TV shows we see on TLC (get it? The Little Carnival). This time around, the Ugs dive into one of our favorite reality show topics - POLYGAMY - with our take on Sister Wives. There's no better way to spend 15 minutes than with the Greatest Podcast On Earth!

Uglee Truth 333: Tossed Salads, Baby Names and Pillow Fights

The Ugs bring you their final episode of the year with edible anus updates, baby name debates and so much more. Plus, their Uglee and Awkward Moments lead to stories of how pillow fights used to go down in Ug household. Have an amazing holiday season H-Ugs - See ya on the other side!

Programming Note: Although this is the last Uglee Truth of 2018... we do have TWO episodes of our new mini-podcast, The Little Carnival, coming soon!

Uglee Truth 332: Jewish Moms, Cussing Kids and Eye Exams

The Ugs kick this episode off with some TV talk including their take on Miss Universe and some of the new shows they're watching - including Jamie's new guilty pleasure... Hallmark Christmas movies. Plus a little debate on when it's okay to cuss in front of your parents and, of course, some H-Uglee and Awkward stories to share. Thanks for downloading the #SistersWhoPodcast!

Uglee Truth 331: The Ba-Hum-UG Episode

There's just no other way to describe this episode because the Ugs are being GRINCHES this holiday season. From indoor cat crap to deformed Christmas Trees, the #SistersWhoPodcast can't find enough things to complain about. But don't worry, you'll still laugh at this "sleigh ride through hell" of a show!

Uglee Truth 327: Fab 40s, an Oral Epiphany and Farting Darts

Tons of funny topics on this episode including Paula reaching an age milestone and, coincidentally, having an epiphany about oral sex. Plus, Jamie rants on Sex In The City movies and shares the biggest controversy of the year in sports. All this and our Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week. Thanks for listening to the #SistersWhoPodcast!