Uglee Truth 286: Anal Tightening, Puberty Probs and Family Heirlooms

On this episode your favorite podcast sisters delve into the unknown world of plastic surgery for men. Plus, Paula's kids are entering the world of hormone overload and Jamie is struggling to purge some sentimental furniture. We've also got 3 H-Uglee and Awkward Moments to share, one of which Jamie has personal experience with... #drunkatdaycare. Thanks for listening and sharing our podcast.

Uglee Truth 285: Unfriending, Pimple Popping and Stress Sources

On this episode, Paula has to trim some tree branches and Jamie has to trim some friends from social media. Plus, the Ugs reflect on "dermatology"  within relationships and discuss a survey on who causes more stress to women... their kids or their man. All this and some Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week. Thanks for listening and don't forget to share the show with your friends!

Uglee Truth 284: Old Pets, Blood Tests and a Mushroom Stamp

On today's episode, your favorite podcast sisters are dealing with all their pets getting old. Plus Paula heads to the lab for some blood work and Jamie's got some great Hollywood gossip to share including Leo getting propositioned, Jamie Foxx getting "slappy" and the great Grease debate. Of course, they've got some H-Uglee and Awkward Moment submissions including one from Jamie's son! Thanks for listening. 

Uglee Truth 283: Gorilla Dreams, Military Moms and Dad Jokes

On today's show, the Ugs celebrate Father's Day by honoring (and making fun of) dads! Plus, Jamie is having some odd dreams lately, Paula is handling solo parent duties as her man is off for military training and - last but not least - they share some of their favorite Dad Jokes. And - of course - we've got some Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week to share. Happy Father's Day!

Uglee Truth 282: Sunburns, Dad Thoughts and Anthony Bourdain

It's a pre-Father's Day edition of the podcast with special guest, Producer Dub, sitting in for Paula and answering Jamie's hard-hitting questions about being a Dad. Plus, the couple talks about their weekend getaway filled with a little alcohol, a little yacht rock and WAY too much sun. The show wraps with the shock of Anthony Bourdain's death and a couple Dad-themed H-Uglee and Awkward Moments. Thanks for listening... even though Dub is on the show ;)

Uglee Truth 281: Hair, Husbands and Hummingbirds

On this episode, your favorite podcast sisters discuss the finer points - and their preferences - for pubic hair maintenance. Plus a little venting about husbands, some celeb news and Jamie has an update on her backyard bird family. Thanks for listening to (and sharing) the Uglee Truth!