Uglee Truth 271: The Boogeyman, Sundresses and Exercise Trends

On this episode of the Uglee Truth, Jamie remembers the fear that hit VERY close to home as a child during the crime spree of the Golden State Killer - who was finally arrested this week after 40 years.

Plus, the Ugs talk about shopping for summer clothes and some of their exercise options - from drugs to mini-trampolines to stripper poles. And, of course, they wrap with Uglee and Awkward Moments. Thanks for listening to the show!

Uglee Truth 265: Spring Cleaning, Garden Snakes and Loving Splits

The Ugs are cleaning house... and hating it. Plus, Jamie starts planting her garden and sees a friend she thought was dead. They also have some celeb chatter to discuss including the "loving split" of super couple Channing and Jenna Tatum. 

Of course, we close with our Uglee and Awkward Moments. Thanks for listening and sharing the show! 

Uglee Truth 264: Bad Drivers, Worst Pains and Spray Tans

On this episode the Ugs recap their Spring Break adventures - which included some driving frustration. Also, Jamie and Paula compare the worst pains they've ever felt - and childbirth doesn't count. 

Plus some tales of spray tans and a flirtatious-themed collection of HUglee and Awkward Moments to wrap up the show. Thanks for listening.