Uglee Truth 243: The Asshole Episode

Whether you are an asshole, deal with assholes or even "play" with assholes... this is the episode for you. From delivery men to sister wives and flavored enemas to rusty instruments, Jamie and Paula cover it all.

PS - Listen with your headphones 'cause your favorite podcast sisters are a little more unfiltered than usual on this one! 

Uglee Truth 242: Paula’s Physical, Chest Hair and the Golden Globes

On this episode of the Uglee Truth, Paula shares her experience at her doctor appointment  - which didn't go how she expected... at all. Then Jamie and Producer Dub visited Reno recently for a 70s-themed party. So that, of course, led to some fun stories.

Lastly, the Ugs offer their take on the Golden Globes and wrap things up with Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week. Thanks for listening and sharing the show!

Uglee Truth 241: New Year News, Trashy TV and a Second Segment

What's this? A new, full show for the second time this week? That's right! After 5 years of weekly episodes we're jumping into 2018 with two shows every week. So this is our very first, second show and we're super excited.

On this show we, your favorite podcast sisters, talk about all the NYE announcements plus the trashy TV shows we're most looking forward too. And, because not even we are Uglee and Awkward enough to fill two "moments" every week, we need an idea for another segment.