Uglee Truth 239: The Last Cuts

BIG NEWS: After more than 100 "episodes" of screw ups, edits and extra content - this will be our final Uglee Cuts.

As you heard at the end of episode #239...  we're kicking off the new year by changing to TWO FULL SHOWS A WEEK! We're so excited to bring you more of the Uglee Truth. Happy New Year H-Ugs!

Uglee Truth 239: Gag Reflex, Glamour Shots and Everybody Poops

It's the last new episode of the year so we're going out with a bang. Not only do you get THREE Ug sisters for this show but you're also getting a very exciting announcement! 

In this episode, Jamie, Paula and Stephanie talk about what makes us gag, literally, plus our adventures at Glamour Shots back in the day. And you simply must to listen to teh entire show as we close with three epic Uglee and Awkward Moments and some big news about what's happening to the Uglee Truth in 2018!

Uglee Truth 238: Pimple Popper, Empty Nesters and Big Brother

Paula is back this week as your favorite podcast sisters discuss their obsession with one of YouTube's unlikely stars... Dr. Pimple Popper.

Plus a little reflection on what happens under the Christmas tree as kids get older - and even move out. And, last but not least, Jamie finally relented and let Producer Dub add a security cam to their home - but now she's not so sure it was due to his "security concerns".

Uglee Truth 237: Uber Odors, Husky Hijinx and Emo Parents

Paula is out sick this week so Jamie has to pull Producer Dub (aka her husband) into the hot seat for this episode. Having just returned from a trip to the bright light of LA, we have plenty of travel stories (and smells) to share.

Plus, some changes in our household have us both feeling a little emotional and older than we really are. Thanks for listening, sharing the show AND shopping in our Uglee Mall for the holidays!

Uglee Truth 236: Turkey Tales, Tree Trimmings and Workplace Wieners

After a short holiday break, your favorite podcast sisters are back to share their turkey day stories. Plus, Jamie tells Paula all about the ridiculously huge Christmas tree Producer Dub had to have.

Then, after their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week, the Ugs chat a little bit about why some men feel the need to display their dicks at work. Thanks for listening to another week of the Uglee Truth!