Uglee Truth 228: Pregnant Sisters, Bobby Pins and Science Camp

September 30th is International Podcast Day and Jamie and Paula must be celebrating because they took the funny to a whole new level on this week's Uglee Truth.

From 'something must be in the water' to defiant children to seeing your first naked adult... the fun never stops on this episode. And if that wasn't enough, you'll also hear the two best Uglee and Awkward Moments of the year! 

Uglee Cuts 226

This is more like a bonus episode than the usual extras and edits. Stephanie, who sat in for Paula, and Jamie talked about SO MUCH MORE than what ended up in the show. So sit back and enjoy sister-talk at it's finest... and funniest.

Uglee Truth 226: Hurricane Snaps, Marionette Lines & Nosy Neighbors

With Paula having family fun at Disneyland, fellow Ug Stephanie sits in for an entirely different (but just as funny) kind of Uglee cocktail. They talk hurricanes, Botox and things you shouldn't see next door.

Of course, there's still Uglee and Awkward Moments and so much more. Oh, and just plan on listening to Uglee Cuts now because there's nearly 40 minutes of bonus Ug coming your way on Wednesday!

Uglee Cuts 225

Just a few minutes of extras and edits from the last show - including when Jamie gets the episode number wrong! Listen to get ready for the next full show dropping Sunday with a special guest Uglee sitting in for Paula!

Uglee Truth 225: Reunion Recap, Royal Heaves and a Shitty Date

After a week off, the Uglees are back and a little worried about their mom who's hunkering down in Florida. But they preoccupy themselves by sharing funny stories from Paula's high school reunion and the latest celeb news. Plus, Jamie wonders what an Ug would have done when telling a very funny poop story. 

All this and their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week await you on this episode. Thanks for listening and sharing our show!