Uglee Cuts 167

This edition of Uglee Cuts is more like bonus content than edits because the Ugs talked a lot more about the #MasterChef wedding episode Jamie was in! Really funny stuff from behind the scenes. PLUS... does Paula have a SnapChat stalker? Listen to find out!

Uglee Truth 167: MasterChef Cameo, Parent Guilt & Bug Stories

This week on the Uglee Truth... Jamie can finally talk about her behind-the-scenes experiences on the episode of #MasterChef that just aired on Fox and Paula is dealing with some parent guilt in her own "go to 7-11" kind of way.

Plus the Ugs talk Finding Dory, give us a couple funny bug stories and, of course, share great Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week involving a case of mistaken identity and a scene from The Birds.

Enjoy and share the show!

Uglee Truth 166: Orlando, Movie Days and Household Changes

The Ugs open this week's show by sharing their feelings on the recent tragedy in Orlando. 

Then, on to happier things, Paula talks about her frustrations with her kids' final days of the school year and then she has a big announcement about a new addition to her household.

Speaking of household changes, Jamie is both happy and sad as her son moves out on his own. Plus, after some hilarious Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week, she has a special announcement of her own. Will Jamie be on a reality show this week? Listen to find out!


Uglee Cuts 165

Nearly 20 minutes of extras and producer edits. Speaking of which, if you notice the cuts  from Episode 165 were the Ugs griping about Producer Dub... that was not by accident! ;)

Uglee Truth 165: Sick Man, Dentist Diva and Perverted Bartender

Our show title this week sounds like the start of a really funny "walk into a bar" joke!

While that may not be the case we assure you this episode of the Uglee Truth is hilarious. This week the Ugs lament on what it's like to deal with an ill member of the opposite sex plus Jamie acts like a diva at the dentist office and Paula's taken up a new hobby. And wait 'til you hear this week's Uglee and Awkward Moments where it has taken Paula over a decade to realize she got duped by a bartender and Jamie nearly destroys a work of art. 

Enjoy the show and thanks for sharing it!

Uglee Truth 164: Puppy Eyes, Vagina Trends and Porn Store Shopping

On this week's episode of The Uglee Truth - after Jamie recounts another interesting visit to the vet - your favorite sisters share the latest trends with the all-powerful vagina including free-bleeding, high tech tampons and Yoni massage.

Plus Jamie and Producer Dub visit the Adult Store, Paula goes fishing and - of course - the Ugs' Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week are on point! Thanks for listening and laughing with us every week. Don't forget to share the show!

Uglee Cuts 163

A few minutes of extras and edits from the last episode just to get you through the week! PS - Producer Dub is NOT 55!