Uglee Truth 150: Emergency Landing, Crotch Coffee and the Stinky Boss

It's another milestone for the Ugs reaching the big 1-5-0! And they're celebrating as Jamie welcomes her toxic twin and fellow Ug sister Stephanie who fills in for Paula - the sickest girl in the world - this week. 

The show kicks off as Jamie surprises Stephanie with a scary travel story involving their mother (the Queen Ug) which leads to even more travel talk including advice on what you should not be using in your hotel room.

Of course the Ugs also chime in on what they hope to see on the Oscars (both the red carpet and the award winners) and wrap a hilarious 150th episode with their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week, one of which may make you gag! 

So enjoy the show and don't forget to share with your friends! Thanks for listening.

Uglee Cuts 149

Some extra content from last week's hilarious episode plus some funny behind the scenes audio when the Ugs were having internet/Skype connection issues during their recording. Enjoy #UgleeCuts and we'll see you with episode #150 this Sunday!

Uglee Truth 149: Monster Cards, Crazy Kanye and Booty-Do

This week the Ugs recap their Valentine's Day activities and also dive into the latest craziness from Gwen, Gaga and, especially, Kanye. Plus Jamie and Paula discuss their ancestry and plastic surgery plans but not before revealing a couple of epic Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week! It's a hilarious show this week H-Ugs, we hope you love it! Thanks for listening.

Uglee Cuts 148

Extra juicy bits from the most recent Uglee Truth including more black-tie optional adventures and Paula's love gifts. Plus Jamie shares her thoughts on Beyonce in a bonus clip not heard on the show.

Uglee Truth 147: Nursing Men, Grease Live and Vagina Weed

It's time for some Uglee Truth about taking care of guys when they are ill - aka "being giant babies" - as the Ugs talk about different ways for taking care of their sick men. Plus Jamie and Paula talk about some recent TV including the SAG Awards, Angie Tribeca and - of course - Grease Live!

And, in an effort to explore all options for reducing menstrual pain, the sisters with no filter discuss weed pellets for your vag! All this plus their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week and Uglee Super Bowl predictions! Thanks for listening everyone, we hope you enjoy the show.

Uglee Cuts 146

Some edits and extras for you from the "etiquette" episode of the Uglee Truth. Thanks for the download and watch for an all new episode this Sunday.