Uglee Truth 146: The Etiquette of Driving, Wedding and Sexing

Not sure if "sexing" is a word but we're going with it for this new episode of the Uglee Truth podcast that is dedicated to proper etiquette for all the key situations. Like the passing lane or wedding wardrobe choices or even who gets the wet spot. The Ugs cover it all! 

Plus the Parent Circle segment is back as Paula wonders if background checks are appropriate for her son's new friends and Jamie struggles with older kids cutting the cord.

And wait 'til you hear this week's Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week where Paula gets loud (again) and Jamie is showing off her ample assets (again). Enjoy the show!

Uglee Cuts 145

Some funny edits from Episode 145 where Producer Dub filled in for Paula. This includes an entire bonus segment that was cut from the show where Jamie goes on a rant about the Oscar “race”. Enjoy and thanks for listening.

Uglee Truth 145: Man Shopping, What Would You Do For Love and a Drive-Thru Awkward Moment

This week on the Uglee Truth, Producer Dub sits in for Paula during her "adventures in sickness" and shares tales from his annual day at the Sportsmen's Expo with his buddies. Then Jamie decides to play a fun game with her producer husband called "what would you do - and NOT do - for love? Plus an Uglee and Awkward Moment in a fast food drive-thru and Dub starts to dred his commute now that San Francisco is about to go into Super Bowl grid-lock.

Uglee Cuts 144

More Ug treasures from the cutting room flow after Episode 144 was posted. Get some extra goodies on rock star mouths, insurance commercials and Botox. #UgleeCuts

Uglee Truth 144: Calendar Girls, Golden Boobs and Vagina Music

Is it possible that the Ugs could become famous calendar girls? You'll have to listen to find out. Plus it's awards show season so you know Jamie and Paula have plenty to say about Katy's boobs and Leo's baby blues. Also in this episode, some parental advice ranging from making your kid smarter in the womb to keeping them from liking the opposite sex too soon. And of course, their Uglee and Awkward MOTW will have you cracking up. Thanks for listening and sharing the show!

Uglee Cuts 143

What better way to celebrate National Rubby Ducky Day than with some Uglee Cuts? Just a few funny extras like when the UPS guy showed up at Paula's door while they were recording or when the Ugs talk about their #Powerball dreams. Enjoy the bonus content and watch for a new episode to drop on Sunday!

Uglee Truth 143: Fantasy Party, Changing Colors and Skin TV

On this week's episode of The Uglee Truth, Jamie's fantasy football league results are in and now she has to pay up. Plus, Paula makes a color change and the Ugs talk cosmetic trends and tips. Then there's so much new TV to chat about including the Golden Globes, the final season of American Idol, Skin Tight - which Paula has issues with - and the latest from Jamie's girl crush, J-Lo, called Shades of Blue. All this and, of course, their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week! Download, enjoy and share. Thanks for listening.

Uglee Cuts 142

Thanks to the Ugs pulling in Producer Dub for part of the show, this week's #UgleeCuts from episode 142 are practically an entire bonus episode. We hope you enjoy the bloopers, edits and extras!

Uglee Truth 142: Santa Lies, Leia Buns and Binge Watching

Jamie and Paula return from the holiday break with so many questions to answer.... How were the Ug holidays? When will Paula's kids stop believing in Santa? How long before Jamie can no longer stand her hubby being home on vacation? And so much more.

Plus the Ugs talk about their binge watching shows, reveal their Uglee and Awkward Moments for the holidays and even pull in special guest Producer Dub to share their New Year's resolutions. 

Welcome to the first show of 2016 H-Ugs, thanks for listening! Here's to an Uglee year.