Uglee Truth 134: Amy Schumer, Paula’s Date and Full-Size Candy Bars

Thanks to Paula we had to record Episode 134 twice but that's ok cause this version is much funnier than the first take. For example... a chat about #AmySchumer's new #HBO special leads to some raunchy Ug sex talk - which is always fun and informative - then Paula gets sweaty lips during her "date". Plus the Uglees talk first concerts, #Halloween plans and - of course, their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week. Enjoy and share the #UgleeTruth!

Uglee Truth 133: The Wedding, Hole Licking and Lamar

The Ugs are back from a week off to enjoy the wedding of Producer Dub's daughter with many laughs and tears to share from a very special day. And don't ask how Jamie and Paula manage to transition from a celebration of love to a debate about if it's ok to like a guy's asshole. Just accept that this is what the Uglee Truth podcast is all about and enjoy the ride. Plus the Ug take on Lamar Odom and their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week (FYI: Jamie's was at the wedding rehearsal).

Uglee Cuts 132

Just a few extra #UgleeCuts this week but, the Ugs did go a full 5 minutes before they "started" the show because Paula went off on a dog shit tangent. It's a funny story, you should listen.

Uglee Truth 132: Dress Shopping, Church Stalkers and Nature Hikes

This week the Uglees are shopping for the right dresses to wear to Producer Dub's daughter's wedding... and it's no easy task. Plus Jamie has an uncomfortable encounter people from her mom's church and Paula contemplates whether to go on a nature hike field trip or not. And, of course, the Uglee and Awkward Moments of the week are epic with Paula at Hobby Lobby and Jamie at the Homecoming Game. Listen and enjoy!