Uglee Cuts 122

Screw ups, equipment issues, child interruptions and other behind the scenes fun... all preserved for your listening pleasure on Uglee Cuts from episode 122.

Uglee Truth 122: Death, Sex and Other Stuff

Only the Ugs could talk about their funeral experiences and their sexual experiences - both positions and places - in the same conversation. Plus, the "other stuff" in this all new episode includes the Blake and Miranda break-up, all new Uglee and Awkward Moments of the week and Jamie's plan for meeting Adam Carolla. Download and enjoy!

Uglee Truth 121: The Whale’s Vagina Episode

In this special episode, Jamie shares, with Paula, all of her many exploits during her first visit to San Diego's International #ComicCon. Needless to say, there was never a dull moment. And that includes she and Producer Dub's adventures in the Whale's Vagina outside of just Comic-Con. Like when they hung out with the lovable Chef Nick Nappi who is a current top 10 contestant on Fox's reality competition #MasterChef. There are so many stories to tell that our normal one-hour show just wasn't enough. We hope you enjoy this very funny, extended episode of the #UgleeTruth!

Uglee Truth 120: White Lies, Thinning of the Herd and Team Scott

In this all new episode of the Uglee Truth, your favorite podcast sisters go into mom-mode to discuss lying kids and stupid people. Plus, you knew the Ugs would have a take on the great break up of the century - Courtney and Scott! And you really don't want to miss the Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week where Paula has a wardrobe malfunction and Jamie says something racially insensitive. Enjoy the show!

Uglee Truth 119: Transgender Feet, Shark Attacks and Toilet Humor

Hopefully you had some great OOOO and AAAH moments during your Independence Day celebration... but if you want to hear some real fireworks, check out this week's episode of The Uglee Truth! Jamie has some shoe advice for #CaitlynJenner and Paula wonders why a man would choose a flea dip for his dogs over "round 2". Plus the Ugs review all the hot topics of the week including #sharkattacks, #InkMasters, #Ted2 and so much more. Thanks for the download and for sharing our show!