Uglee Truth 110: Bruce Jenner, Beefy Guys and Grey’s Anatomy

We started The Uglee Truth podcast because the Ugs have a slightly twisted take on just about anything worth talking about. This week is no exception as Jamie and Paula share their perspectives on the Bruce Jenner interview with both respect and humor as only they can deliver it. Plus Paula is having a bit of an identity issue of her own and Jamie uses the social uproar around a dead Dr. McDreamy to get Paula to start watching Netflix shows. All this and their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week await you on this brand spanking new episode of The Uglee Truth.

Uglee Truth 109: PTA Moms, Cruise Plans and Star Wars

This week on your favorite podcast ever, a group of PTA hens won't leave Jamie alone and Paula "wins" a cruise while furniture shopping and starts planning her vacation.

Plus some celeb buzz and the Ugs differ in their opinons about bras in public and Star Wars. And, of course, they wrap things up with new Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week.  We hope you enjoy, and share, the show! Thanks for listening.

Uglee Truth 108: Sibling Day, Chola Earrings and Celebrity Chefs

This week on the Uglee Truth, your favorite sisters celebrate #SiblingDay with memories of childhood stunts, slug-bug wrecks and gay friends. Plus Jamie joins her people at Fast and Furious 7 and the Ugs both dig in to the latest TV gossip including Bobby Flay, the Duggars and more. And, as always, they finish up with their hilarious Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week. Click to listen today!

Uglee Truth 107: Car Sickness, Chicken Nuggets and Weird Science

Since you've eaten the ears off your chocolate bunny already, he won't be able to hear this hilarious new episode of the #UgleeTruth. This week Jamie has a bout with "car-sickness" and Paula has a guilty conscience about her fast food choices. Plus the Ugs discuss the #GoingClear documentary and, once again, have unbelievable Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week to share. We hope you enjoy the show. Thank you Easter Bunny. Bawk! Bawk!