Uglee Truth 106: Satan’s Trifecta, Car Ants and Fitting Rooms

The sisters are in full-on Ug mode in this episode of the Uglee Truth as Jamie's household experiences a hormonal perftect storm while Paula's youngest offspring is a bit of a tornado herself... especially in Paula's car. Plus some chit-chat about birthday celebrations, fitting room fury and - of course - their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week! Stream it... share it... love it! And thanks for listening!

Uglee Truth 105: Make-Up, Sweat Pants and Sign Shakers

If you aren't laughing at the Uglees then something is clearly wrong with you. Whether this applies to you or not, we proudly present episode 105 where Jamie and Paula share their hilarious takes on cosmetic challenges, moronic celebrity quotes and even union picketers. Dont miss this show and, better yet, don't forget to share it with friends, family and the occassional complete stranger!

Uglee Truth 104: Beach Getaways, Penis Transplants and Monkey Attacks

It's almost like I don't need to write a description for this week's show because, with a title like that, there's simply no way to quickly sum up the weirdness that happens once Jamie and Paula get going on their Uglee tangents. And that's not even counting their Uglee and Awkwards moments of the week - both of which involve their "beachy bottoms". Listen and laugh with this all new episode and don't forget to share the show with your friends!

Uglee Truth 102: … Skinny Oscars, Growing Pains and the Uglee Feud

Paula is back which means the Ugs simply must catch up on the past couple of weeks of trash TV and, of course, the Oscars and the apparent lack of sustenance in Hollywood. Plus, your favorite sisters put on their mom-hats to discuss how quickly children grow up and, then, Jamie reveals an Uglee opportunity of game-show proportions. All this plus Uglee and Awkward moments involving moose hands and the FexEx guy. Download and enjoy!