Uglee Truth 93: Uglee Gathering, Ryan Adams and the Sony Hack

Jamie asks Producer Dub (aka her husband) to sit in for Paula (aka sickest girl in the world) so expect some funny spousal back and forth. To set the tone you'll learn the tale of the curling iron versus the fish taco and why Jamie hates Dub's XBox. And that's just the beginning. It's been a busy week where ALL FOUR Ug sisters gathered together, Dub and Jamie went to see Ryan Adams in San Francisco and some Uglee consipiracy theories are formed around the Sony hack . Download and listen before the Christmas Story marathon starts!

Uglee Truth 92: Dicken’s Faire, Real vs. Fake and Cop Encounters

Like you, the Ugs are in the holiday spirit with Jamie and Producer Dub exploring a Victorian Christmas fair and, briefly, considering a return in costume. Meanwhile Paula sets up her plastic tree despite having a fantasy about the tree farm "lumberjack". Plus, Jamie has quite a few stories to tell about her encounters with the po-po and Paula finds out Leo is back on the market. All this an more await you on an all new Uglee Truth!

Uglee Truth 91: South Paw Switch, Cripple Zone & Vagina Steams

The Ugs are back after a week of giving thanks with their families and they have so many things to catch up on. From Jamie's sudden switch to using her left hand to Paula's Good Samaritan act. No, you read that correctly... an Ug did something nice for someone else. Plus the latest beauty trends including arm pit hair coloring and vagina steams. Don't miss out on all the water cooler talk tomorrow... download and listen to an all new episode of The Uglee Truth.