Uglee Truth Thanksgiving Leftovers 2014

The Uglee Truth is so thankful for your support. We are grateful for the time you take to listen to our show each week. And Jamie and Paula wish you and your family best wishes for Turkey Day.

So, while there's no new episode this week, Producer Dub wanted to share a few of the show's "leftovers" or, as we like to call them, Uglee Cuts. These are clips and outtakes that don't make the finished shows but are still funny and/or inappropriate. Normally the only way to hear them is with our exclusive Uglee Truth App. In fact, maybe this little taste will encourage you to put the app in your stocking! Thanksgiving!

Uglee Truth 90: Therapists, Reno Weekend Recap and Bill Cosby

Do all therapists get their office decorations from the same store? Is it normal for a hotel room to smell like Aqua Velva? Will Jamie ever learn not to wear new heels to a public event? These are the deep, burning questions that get answered in this all new episode of The Uglee Truth. Plus, the Ugs share some of the many stories that came out of their weekend in Reno with the Mike O'Meara Show crew. We hope you enjoy and share #90!

Uglee Truth 89: Dub’s Cold, Denim in the ER and Kim’s Oily Ass

In this all new episode of The Uglee Truth Jamie deals with an ill husband-slash-producer and, in a seperate incident, has emergency room people-watching tales to tell including her own bad fashion choice for the ambulance ride. Meanwhile, the other Ug struggles with birthday ideas for her son and reacts to more Celeb News Paula Probably Doesn't Know. Plus the Uglees have a take on Kim K's slippery crack photo shoot and epic Uglee and Awkward Moments to wrap up the show. Download, listen and laugh!

Uglee Truth 88: Deaf Games, Ear Candling and Celebrity Apprentice

This week's show opens with Jamie recalling one of the more insensitive childhood games she created and Paula has an epic toilet-related, awkward moment... at Jamie's house of all places. Then the Ugs share tales of their kids' poo adventures, random illness remedies from their Facebook friends and, of course, reality TV news including the Uglee take on the cast of the next Celebrity Apprentice. Enjoy the show and get your friends and enemies on the Uglee Truth bandwagon!

Uglee Truth 87: Dating Rules, Boob Squishing & Duggar Nuptials

This week on an all new Uglee Truth, the Ugs share rules for dating, wig wearing and  successful trick or treating (hint: drive to the rich neighborhood). Plus, Jamie has a close encounter with a chihuahua while making her mammogram appointment and Paula discovers another horrible reality TV show. Of course, that leads to a discussion about polygamy and the Duggars... of course. Enjoy and share the show today and thanks for listening as always!