Uglee Truth 86: Dub’s Staycation, First Jobs & Theme Park Drinking

For this all new episode of The Uglee Truth, Producer Dub is on a staycation and it's throwing off Jamie's groove. Plus the Ugs share stories of their very first places of employment including heroic actions and janitorial training. Then Jamie and Dub drink themselves through a theme park visit and Paula gives us a costume update. Enjoy the show, share the Truth and have a great Halloween!

Uglee Truth 85: Scary Stories, Little People and Man Crushes

In this all new episode of The Uglee Truth, your favorite unfiltered sisters recall actual scary stories from their childhood and Jamie has an early morning war with a bug in her bed. Plus, the Ugs chat about a few upcoming TV shows - which leads to a previously unshared story about Ugs vs. Little People as well as their secret (and surprising) man crushes. Enjoy the show!

Uglee Truth 83: Jamie’s Rifle, Dub 101 & Celeb Hating

In this new episode, Paula needs a pinch hitter for one more week so Jamie reluctantly pulls in Producer Dub again to sub for her. For the first segment, she tries to convince her producer/husband that she needs her own firearm. Then Jamie decides to introduce you to the man behind the Uglee Truth with a Q&A session that includes the forbidden "do you think I look fat" inquiry. Last but not least, Mr. & Mrs. Ug share some sports news and celeb gossip! Download and enjoy today!