Uglee Truth 77: Ice Bucket Challenge, Dub’s Man Card & a Surgical Gang Bang

On this week's episode of The Uglee Truth, Jamie plays good Samaritan without a bra on and Paula takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge... also without a bra on. Is this a trend? Plus, Producer Dub's manhood comes into question after a trip to a salon and Paula has details (probably too many) on her upcoming organ overhaul. Of course there's celeb gossip and their weekly Uglee & Awkward moments as well. Download and enjoy. And thanks for listening.

Uglee Truth 76: Lice OCD, Sister Fantasies and Mental Illness

In this new episode of The Uglee Truth, Paula complains how she's always sick and Jamie braves the mall the day before school starts. Then, somehow, a disagreement on boob size leads to a discussion about sister sex fantasies. Plus, Uglee and Awkward moments that are more on the Uglee side. Finally, in a more serious segment, the Ugs talk about their own experiences with mental illness and the sad passing of Robin Williams. Please enjoy the show and share it.

Uglee Truth 75: Anniversary Getaway, Field Trips and Teeth Gaps

Another milestone for the Ugs, Episode 75 of The Uglee Truth, features a recap of Producer Dub (aka Clark Griswold) and Jamie's anniversary weekend in Napa and Paula's spawn go to their first day of school. Plus more guilty pleasure TV to talk about and, of course, their Uglee and Awkward moments of the week. Thanks for the download and don't forget to share. (Heads Up: there's 30 minutes of extra content on this week's Uglee Cuts, available only on The Uglee Truth mobile app)

Uglee Truth 74: Pet Passings, 50 Shades & School Shopping

An emotional, yet funny, roller-coaster ride awaits you in this week's episode of The Uglee Truth as Jamie deals with the passing of a pet and Paula wonders why "50 Shades of Grey" sex is considered out of the ordinary. Plus the Ugs want to know why they cry about things like school backpacks and lost sunglasses. All this and, of course, your weekly Uglee and Awkward Moments in episode 74! Thanks for listening and sharing. Don't forget to check out "Uglee Cuts 74" on the Uglee Truth App for extras, bloopers and other inappropriateness.