Uglee Truth 73: Painting Projects, Sex Spreadsheets & PMS Problems

In this all-new episode of The Uglee Truth, Jamie suffers through a home improvement project with Producer Dub and the Ugs talk about the pros and cons of tracking sexual encounters. Plus, an all new trash TV segment and Paula's epic Uglee and Awkward moment involving sprinklers and a white tank top. We hope you enjoy and share the show with your friends and enemies. One more thing... this week's "Uglee Cuts" - available exclusively on our app - are pretty funny, so download the Uglee App today. Thanks for listening!

Uglee Truth 72: Shark Adventures, Too Many Questions & Hold Your Poo

The Ug sisters are back with another week of Uglee tales to tell including Jamie's plan to to see sharks up close and Paula's annoying cat. Plus, Paula has had it up to here with her offspring's questions and Jamie has a wedding encounter with a reptile. Of course there's the Uglee and Awkward moments and - for those with the Uglee Truth App - some disturbingly hilarious Uglee Cuts bonus content! Enjoy, share and thanks for listening to The Uglee Truth.

Uglee Truth 71: Nipple Slips, Nursing Homes & Beach Pee

This week's episode title doesn't begin to describe the variety of topics and hairpin turns the Ugs take in this week's episode. So buckle up and get ready to laugh at dental farts, state fairs, embarassing Seinfeld-like moments, skee ball violence, mystery Kid Rock songs and so... so ... so much more. In fact, there was so much that there's an extra 15 minutes of cutting room floor hilarity in this week's "Uglee Cuts" available only on the new Uglee Truth app! Get it now and don't forget to tell your friends about The Uglee Truth. Thanks for listening.

Uglee Truth 70: Fireworks, Naked & Afraid and a Spider Attack

Spending some time with Uglee Truth #70 is a perfect way to recover from the long weekend as Producer Dub sits in with the Ugs to share stories of how the 4th of July just isn't what it used to be. Plus Jamie and Paula agree to disagree about Kate Gosselin and Dub challenges the Ugs to start a fire "Naked & Afraid" style. As always, they wrap with new Uglee and Awkward Moments including an epic spider incident. So we hope you had a great 4th and that you enjoy and share this new episode with your friends.