Uglee Truth 56: The Vagina Episode II

Way back in The Uglee Truth #8, Jamie and Paula featured this most powerful of all body parts. Now, by popular demand, they're making it an annual episode. From vagacials and vattoos to a perfume you simply have to hear about to believe, the Ugs have you covered for all things vagina as only they can. Plus their new feature, the Uglee Awkward  Moment of the week. Download, listen & share today!

Uglee Truth 55: Comicon, Backdoor Love and Our Final Meal

In this week's episode, Jamie gets overwhelmed by nerds as she attends her first ComicCon and meets a flirty celebrity while Paula explains her obsession with the Karate Kid and her hatred for Katy Perry's new song. And somehow they get on the "uncomfortable" topic of anal sex! Plus, the Ugs enjoy a final meal together at their family's favorite restaurant.

Uglee Truth 54: Grocery Grandma, Judging Oscar and the Cuddling Business

It's been another fun-filled week in Ug-town as Jamie had a run in with a delusioned old the grocery store, of course. Plus the Ugs must revisit the Oscars and no one is safe from Liza Minelli getting "nipped" to Matthew McConaughey being his own hero. Last but not least, your favorite sisters imagine themsleves participating in the latest business trend... cuddling for hire. Your free dowload of The Uglee Truth this week comes with unlimited laughing!

Uglee Truth 53: Back Stories, Reality Shows & Oscar Boobs

This week on The Uglee Truth, Jamie continues to craft elaborate back stories for random strangers which leads  to a discussion about their hangups with (and addiction to) reality television. Plus the Ugs preview the Oscars and share their theories on what it takes to win - aka "show your tits". Download #53 asap!