Uglee Truth 40: Vagina Neck, Golden Girls and Black Friday

The Ugs are "over the hill" and funny as ever in episode 40 of The Uglee Truth. It all starts with a look back at a clip from last week's episode that Producer Dub originally left on the cutting room floor. Then Paula has to deal with customer service, Jamie saves some golden girls and preparations are under way to sleep-in on Black Friday. Enjoy the show and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Uglee Truth 39: Diva Moments, Melt Downs and Sticky Situations

The Ugs go to hysterical levels this week as Jamie runs out gas and has a feet-related run-in with a security guard. Meanwhile, the kids and pets "pile on" Paula leading to a flashback discussion of all the sticky situations the Uglees have found themselves in over the years - most of which have been gross. Listen and love The Uglee Truth!

Uglee Truth 38: Door-to-Door, Plate Licking and Ugly Kids

This week the Uglee Sisters show sympathy for others. Seriously... it happens. Rarely, but it does. Whether it's a depressed salesman at the door, a robotic winery host or incredibly ugly children, Jamie and Paula share some recent "tender" moments. The Ugs also recall a few of their embarassing activities... at least the ones they got caught doing. We hope you enjoy Episode 38.