Uglee Truth 28: Foghorn Farts, Back To School & Men Can’t Plan

This week your favorite sisters have new tales of smelly encounters and Paula's night at WWE. Plus, it's a special week for the Uglees because they get to send their rugrats back to school... which brings up some memories of their own first days of school followed by a funny discussion of why men simply can't be allowed to plan anything. Enjoy the show!

Uglee Truth 27: Stinky Stories, Celebrity Sightings & Online Dating Donts

It's story time during this week's episode of the Uglee Truth. We begin with a couple of very smelly incidents. One takes place at Disneyland, the other in Jamie's backyard. You can probably guess the latter but remember, Paula was housesitting! The Uglee Sisters also recount some of their brushes with greatness and Paula has become an online dating expert on what to watch out for.

Uglee “EE”xtra: Producer Dubs 25 Faves

While Jamie and Paula are recording the next episode of the Uglee Truth, Producer Dub decided to put together some highlights from the first 25 shows. There's one funny clip from each episode so download and reminisce. And, if you're a new listener, this is a great way to catch up on the Uglee Truth. We hope you enjoy these blasts from the past.

Uglee Truth 26: Bathroom Etiquette, Guilty Pleasures & Housesitting Horrors

Did you ever wonder what women think goes on in a men's bathroom? The Uglee Sisters never did... but that didn't stop them from talking about it anyway, all while trying not to gross themselves out. Jamie and Paula also share many of their guilty pleasures revealing eveything from old TV shows to naked food consumption and much more. As usual, the Uglee Truth hits you with the funny from start to finish so download Episode 26 now and thanks for listening.