Uglee Truth 25: Pet Hoarding, Brazilian Planning & Sexting

It's a great milestone for the Uglee Sisters as Jamie and Paula reach Episode 25. To celebrate, they do what they do best... talk about SEX - specifically the virtual varieties. We know - shocking right? Plus some animal adventures, a serious discussion about hair removal and much more... including a little message for our friends at the Mark & Lowell Show. Listen, laugh and spread the Uglee Truth.

Uglee Truth 24: The Beauty Episode – Grooming, Eyebrow Nightmares and “Facials”.

Jamie and Paula wanted to dedicate an episode to a single lesson learned long ago from the queen of the Uglees, their mom... "it takes pain to be beautiful". They dish the Uglee Truth with stories about everything from the stress of getting ready to go out to makeover nightmares to the facials of all kinds.  It's all in the name of being, and staying, beautiful. (Note: Don't worry, there is plenty of sex talk too).

Uglee Truth 22: Tasty Testicles. Adult Freedoms & Face Licking

Jamie & Paula are at it again with a new episode that jumps right into the Uglee Truth and never lets up. With topics and perspectives you are sure to never hear anywhere else... ever, the Uglee Sisters ponder if balls have a taste, discuss their favorite adult "firsts" and, as for Paula's face licking experiement, you're just going to have to listen. It defies explanation.